The Fantastic Five and The NFFC Primetime
Featuring The Miz, James Roday, Kofi Kingston, Michael Fabiano and the Unmasked Warrior



WHAT: The Miz, James Roday, Kofi Kingston, Michael Fabiano, Jennifer Piacenti and Liz Loza are each taking a team in separate NFFC Primetime leagues and donating any and all of their prize money to the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Each league champion will earn $7,000 and the grand prize is $250,000. James will also donate $1,000 per team to the V Foundation for any team that finishes ahead of him in the final league standings...if anyone does, that is.

SIX LEAGUES AVAILABLE: We will have exact draft dates for each super hero soon and anyone can join each respective league. However, we ask every participant to make a donation to the V Foundation before joining and any denomination is good. This league will pay the Top 3 finishers, including $7,000 to the league champ and $250,000 to the overall champion. You can certainly donate any amount of money to the V Foundation without playing in this league -- and we encourage that -- but we hope that every participant helps us Sack Cancer with a monetary donation.

WHEN: Some of these leagues will be broadcast live on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, so pay attention to the schedule and be ready to watch these drafts live.

WHY: Cancer is the leading cause of death from disease among children and adolescents. Nearly 2,000 children die each year from cancer in the U.S. We urgently need funds for lifesaving research.

Connor’s Cure, a partnership between the V Foundation and WWE, raises awareness and funds to support pediatric cancer research. Connor's Cure is the sole charity for this contest and 100% of proceeds will go toward cancer research. During these tough times, we can't forget those charities that need our help and cancer research is at the top of our minds today. We hope the entire fantasy football community gives to the V Foundation this year so that we can find cures for pediatric cancer. Fantasy Football is fun. It brings people together. It makes life easier and more enjoyable. We hope this league brings some excitement to the football season and raises a lot of money for the V Foundation. Enjoy and may the best team win in the NFFC Primetime this season.

Click here to donate to Connor’s Cure benefiting the V Foundation. While we are limited to six leagues involving The Fantastic Six, there are many other NFFC Primetime leagues available from August 23rd through September 11th. Click on the VIEW RULES link below for more details.

WIN $250,000

Featuring The Miz, James Roday, Kofi Kingston, Michael Fabiano, Jennifer Piacenti and Liz Loza

Draft Dates:
James Roday - Sunday, September 4th, 9 pm ET
Michael Fabiano - Monday, September 5th, 2 pm ET (this draft will be broadcast live on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio)
Kofi Kingston - Tuesday, September 6th, 9 pm ET
Jennifer Piacenti - Wednesday, September 7th, 9 pm ET
Mike The Miz - Thursday, September 8th, 4 pm ET
TBD for Liz Loza

Entry Fee: $1,750
All winnings from each of The Fantastic Six will be donated to the V Foundation

$7,000 To The League Winner
** Top 3 In Each League Win Cash

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