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How do I use a TBD entry?
A TBD entry secures your signup but does not put you into a draft. To do that, go to your My Teams page and click the gear icon next to the team name. That takes you to the page where you select the draft you want to enter.
Can anyone compete in the National Fantasy Football Championship?
No. To enter the Contest, you must be a person at least 18 years of age or older (19 years in Nebraska and Alabama, and 21 years in Massachusetts) and physically located in a state, territory, or province in which participation in the Contest is unrestricted by law. The Contest is only open to individuals who have reached legal age in their respective jurisdiction. Individuals who have not reached legal age in their respective jurisdiction are not eligible and cannot win prizes. Residents of Arizona, Delaware, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan Montana, Ohio, Vermont, and Washington State in the United States, and Ontario are not eligible to participate in the Contest. Employees and immediate family members of SportsHub Games Network, Inc., its sponsors, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotional agencies are not eligible to win prizes. Each individual should check the laws of the state, territory or province in which he or she resides to determine eligibility to participate and win prizes. Void where prohibited by law. SportsHub Games Network, Inc. reserves the right to determine eligibility, in its sole discretion, and the right to change eligibility requirements at any time if it determines that changes are necessary in order to comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations.
How will I be reassured that I am a participant in the NFFC?
Once you have signed up online and given us your guarantee that you will abide by our rules, you will receive confirmation from the NFFC and will receive constant updates on the event via e-mail.
Can I pay for my entry fee with a credit card?
Absolutely. Just click on the Registration, fill out the form and leave a credit card number if you'd like. However, we do add a 2% charge for credit card use because the cost of credit card fees have gone up recently. There is no additional charge, however, to pay via check for the NFFC Main Events, Auction Leagues and Draft Champions Live Leagues. We also ask all owners in the NFFC Super, Ultimate, Diamond and Platinum Leagues to pay via check, therefore allowing us to increase those private-league prizes rather than pay the credit card companies their processing fees. If you want to pay by check, make the check out to SportsHub Games Network and send to: SportsHub Games Network Attn: Jason Lee 333 Washington Ave N Ste 104 Minneapolis, MN 55401
When will the draft start and what happens if I'm late?
All of the drafts will start exactly on time, so don’t be late. If you are late for the draft, we will attempt to get a fill-in from someone in the room who will go off a pre-determined draft list, but you have a chance of losing your team altogether if you are not at your spot by the start of the draft. We will not hold up drafts in two separate cities to wait for one single person who is late to the draft. You could possibly lose your team with no refund.
Can we bring laptops and/or cell phones to the draft?
Yes you can, although there will not be any electrical outlets available. Bring strong batteries if you plan on using a laptop for your draft. As for cell phones, you can talk on the phone during your draft, but please be respectful of other owners at your table and do not cause such a disturbance that we have to ask you to stop using your cell phone. We do have the right to do that. There will be free Internet in New York City and in Las Vegas.
Will there be food and/or drinks available at the draft?
Yes to both. We will have food and drink for owners in all of the live events in each city. We are allowing alcoholic beverages to be sold during the draft, but we ask everyone to drink responsibly and we have the right to cut off sales to any person if it's deemed necessary. The food and drinks are part of your live event experience and there is no additional charge.
Will there be breaks at the live events?
Yes. We will have one 15-minute break during the draft after Round 10 in the NFFC Primetime and NFFC Classic. We want to keep all of the drafts moving, while still allowing people to relax temporarily, get something to eat or drink and use the bathroom. But please be ready to draft again after 15 minutes. The other live events will also have breaks after Round 10, while the Draft Champions leagues will have breaks after rounds 10 and 20. The Auction leagues will take breaks as they see fit, but likely at least two breaks during the entire time.
How many players can we have on our roster and can we place players on the Injured Reserve List?
The maximum roster limit at all times is 20, with 10 players always active. You are allowed to change your lineup from week to week, but if one of your players is injured and you still want to retain his services you must just keep him on your reserve roster. At no time can any team have more than 20 players on their roster.
What is FAAB and how does it work?
FAAB stands for Free Agent Allocation Budget and each team has an imaginary $1,000 to acquire players during the regular season. If, for instance, Zach Wilson isn’t drafted in your league on Draft Day but he becomes a starting QB, you will have the chance to add him to your roster at any time by making a FAAB bid for him. The person with the highest blind bid (one bid and no other owner gets to see your dollar amount) gets that free agent. You are allowed to bid on as many free agents as you’d like each week as long as you have FAAB dollars left. You can never bid more than you have FAAB remaining. FAAB bids will occur before Weeks 1 through 14. There is no FAAB period during the playoffs of Weeks 15-17.
How will the draft work?
At Live Events, all of the leagues will be positioned in the draft order, 1 through 14 for the NFFC Classic (1-12 in the Primetime) with two spots available for each team (more space if you don't have a co-manager). The league draft will be shaped in a U with 90 degree corners and the draft screen will be at the front. One draft facilitator will announce the picks and make the picks on an iPad or computer for each league. Once a player is selected and it is entered into the computer, a large sticker with the player’s picture will appear on the screen for 10 seconds and then the entire draft board with every pick to that point will appear on the screen. The draft board will be big enough for all to see.
How much time do we have to make a draft selection?
Each team will have one minute to make a pick in each round and the draft facilitator will give you a 15-second warning and then a countdown from five seconds to zero. If any team goes past its allotted time, the next team in the draft order would have a minute to make his/her selection and then the draft would go back to the previous owner, who would again have another full minute to make a selection. The one minute for the next selection will begin as soon as the sticker has been placed on the board for the previous pick and the draft facilitator announces the team name for the next selection.
Do we have to fill out our 10-man starting lineup before filling out the rest of our 20-man roster?
Absolutely not. You can pick players at any position at any time, but by the end of the draft you MUST have a legal lineup. In other words, you MUST have at least one player who qualifies at each of the 10 starting spots by the end of your draft. If your lineup is illegal after you’ve left the draft, the NFFC will assign a player ranked near the bottom of the free agent pool at that position and cut the last player you drafted. The first FAAB period will run on Wednesday, Sept. 4 and Saturday, Sept. 7 for all NFFC leagues.
What is 3RR and why is it being used in the NFFC this year?
3RR Stands for 3rd Round Reversal, which allows the bottom of the draft order to begin Round 3 after also starting Round 2. It's one way to balance the talent in a 14-team league, but it also is being used in all 12-team leagues. Only the 10-team NFFC Cutline will have straight serpentine drafts (1-10, 10-1 in every round). For those leagues using 3RR, the draft order is as follows:

Round 1: 1-14
Round 2: 14-1
Round 3: 14-1
Round 4: 1-14
Round 5: 14-1
Round 6: 1-14
Round 7: 14-1
Round 8: 1-14
Round 9: 14-1
Round 10: 1-14
Round 11: 14-1
Round 12: 1-14
Round 13: 14-1
Round 14: 1-14
Round 15: 14-1
Round 16: 1-14
Round 17: 14-1
Round 18: 1-14
Round 19: 14-1
Round 20: 1-14

Round 1: 1-12
Round 2: 12-1
Round 3: 12-1
Round 4: 1-12
Round 5: 12-1
Round 6: 1-12
Round 7: 12-1
Round 8: 1-12
Round 9: 12-1
Round 10: 1-12
Round 11: 12-1
Round 12: 1-12
Round 13: 12-1
Round 14: 1-12
Round 15: 12-1
Round 16: 1-12
Round 17: 12-1
Round 18: 1-12
Round 19: 12-1
Round 20: 1-12

3RR is being used to balance out all draft spots by giving the later picks the start of the draft in rounds 2 and 3. The process balances out the talent among teams in both formats.
What is KDS and how is that used in the NFFC?
The KDS process allows owners to rank their order of preference for Draft Day, ranking their preferences from most desired to least desired BEFORE the leagues are randomly selected. Some owners would rather draft at the top, if they are selected early in their league; others like to go to the middle, and others like to move down to the lower end. KDS allows that if you're fortunate enough. A sample KDS from an owner could look like this: 1, 2, 3, 14, 13, 8, 6, 7, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12. If an owner wants the 14th pick if he is selected fourth overall in his league, he would choose 14 as his fourth option and he would then be moved to 14th in that league on Draft Day if he was picked fourth out of the hat and the top three preferences were gone. NFFC officials will look at every owner's Draft Preferences list after the leagues and orders are randomly selected and then announce the draft orders for each league.

How Is It Done?: Once each NFFC owner has officially signed up for the contest, they can find this feature on their team page. You'll see the Draft Preferences ranked 1 through 14 (or 1-12 in 12 team leagues) and the option to Edit Preferences next to them. If you decide not to rank your preferences, your preferred order will remain 1 through 14 (or 1-12). Owners can change their Draft Preferences right up until the announced deadline is set for that particular league.

Why Is This Done?: Even though all leagues are randomly selected out of a computer program, KDS does allow owners to have a little say in their draft spots. KDS allows that by telling NFFC officials where you'd prefer to draft if selected early in the random draw. No longer are you just slotted into that spot; you now can tell us a more preferred spot by setting your KDS preferences. In the end, most NFFC owners will get a more preferred draft spot than the random slot would have given them.
How is position eligibility determined?
Players will be eligible at one position during the NFFC season and designated for that position before the season by the NFFC. Should a player move to another primary position before the start of the season, the NFFC reserves the right to give that player a second eligible position. No player will ever lose the eligibility originally designated by the NFFC, but a second position could be added if deemed necessary by the NFFC. All decisions made by the NFFC commissioner regarding eligibility are final.
How can we prevent collusion in the NFFC?
For one thing, we are not allowing trades for that simple reason. Secondly, with the FAAB setup, it will be very hard for one team to get the best free agents in that league every single week. We will also randomly draw the name of participants for each league in each city, so there is no way that two "friends" can request to be in the same league. We realize that every league will have "dead teams" at some point in the season as the wear and tear of a long injury-riddled season wears down some owners and forces them to stop making moves. We ask all owners to stay active, but the NFFC will not force anyone to take injured players or inactive players out of their lineups. Each owner must manage his/her own team. In the end, the best teams in each league will win and the best team overall will win this marathon contest.
If I win a league prize or a grand prize and I have a co-manager, who pays taxes on these winnings?
The principal participant will have any prize winning delivered to him/her. If you wish to share prize winnings with a partner you can do that at season’s end. The NFFC will provide you with a Shared Prizes form to fill out which will allow you to allocate what percentage of prize money the principal owner receives and how much the co-owner receives.


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